NOURISH workshops for moms

Inspired by the seasons and how we NOURISH ourselves from the inside out, these are intimate, relaxed gatherings for moms who need a break and some fun!

Hosted in my living room, they’re all about taking time out of your busy life to relax in a cozy space, connect with amazing women, eat delicious homemade goodies, and do just the right amount of self-reflecting so you can head home feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and inspired. 

“Thank you so much for an amazing afternoon! I left feeling truly inspired and ready to spring into action! I even signed up for a continuing education yoga instructor class (yoga for WOMEN 🙌🏻). The tree drawing really worked!

I feel so honoured to have attended your workshop and meet all of the remarkable women there! When I came home my husband said to me “whoa you’re so zen”. I definitely felt refreshed and empowered.” 

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Solve My Life (SMYL): a unique collaboration between Your Novel Life + Solve My Space

I’ve teamed up with the inspiring, joyful and uber-talented Tinka Markham Piper from Solve My Space.

Tinka and I have created a series of seasonal workshops that combine home coaching (for your home) and life coaching (for your soul). We help you feel and live lighter in both your physical and soulful “homes”.

You will:

  • Learn concrete tools + skills that you can start applying immediately in your home + life
  • Connect with other women in a supportive + fun atmosphere
  • Take time for yourself

Perhaps you’re in need of some inspiration + organization at home? Or eager for a more balanced life? Maybe, your daily routine could use an upgrade? Each workshop explores these different topics in an intimate + relaxing environment.

“A beautiful gathering of women who share pains and tricks and life issues and solutions, accompanied by two fantastic women with big hearts and lots of love and wisdom to share.”

In a group setting, we work together to help you understand “pain points” that you may be struggling with, both in your home and in your life. After leaving our workshops, you’ll feel more in control, refreshed, supported, and ready to take action!P I N this to pinterest

“I loved sharing with other women, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with each other, knowing there was no judgment, only love and compassion.”

“A workshop for exploring your internal self as well as the expression of yourself in your home.”

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