I am so filled with gratitude that I am able to work with such interesting, complex, kind, intelligent and varied people. Here is what some of them have had to say about working with me:


Since working with Marieke in her Transformational Mentorship Program I have becomekatka2016more aware of “me” in my life’s equation. I now understand how vital it is to take care of myself to benefit everyone I love. I am learning to trust my feelings and not be scared of them. Now that I have a clearer picture of my unique, very emotional personality I can celebrate it! Alone it would have taken me years to weed through and face thoughts and feelings I held on to. She guided me to realizations that I would have NEVER figured out on my own. I now see that asking for help is so empowering! Marieke has an amazing talent of listening and guiding. I was always extremely pleased and impressed by her ability to help uncover new thoughts and feelings as I gained more awareness. After every session I was reminded over and over how it feels SO good to get outside help to move through bad and confused feelings as opposed to avoiding them. I would recommend Marieke without hesitation or doubt to any one that is stuck or lost. While you need to be open and honest, don’t be afraid, she is very gentle about helping you look into those dark, sad, scared places we all have. Katka Hubacek, Artist, Montréal, www.katkahubacek.co

  After coaching with Marieke in her 6-week Coaching for Clarity Program, I have much more clarity around what I want to do and what my barriers are. In realizing I feel things first (often physically), I am now able to focus on what is driving those feelings and reactions, which is a big change from the reactive state I would often reside in. Marieke is kind and gentle but firm. She had a gentle way of guiding me through reflecting on some tough questions, yet I never felt forced as she didn’t let me off the hook too easily which is important when delving into aspects of myself that I had avoided or did not even know were driving forces in how I lived my life. I never would have been able to do that on mykaren_bwown without her supportI also deeply appreciated the ‘outsiders’ view in that Marieke had nothing to gain or lose by giving her opinion. Strangely, it helped that there was distance between us, rather than sitting face to face. Lastly, I liked having a regular appointment that scheduled time for me to work on the overarching ‘stuff’ in my life. And the email follow-ups are really helpful too! I will refer to them in the future as a reminder of the ground we covered and use them as a personal guidepost. I may even turn them into the beginning of a journal. It was a really great experience and I would recommend Marieke to anyone! Karen Oikonen, MDes., Design Researcher, Service Designer, Educator, Toronto


♥ Marieke’s life coaching sessions with me were grounding, inspiring, thought provoking, challenging and supportive in all of the best possible ways.Spain 2015 190-2 I’m a social worker and therapist by training. I came to Marieke at a cross roads in my life – nearing 42 I wanted more of my personal priorities to be part of my every day and wanted my job to be more of an organic part of my life and not an overwhelming part of it; I also wanted to be reunited with my passions. The work I started in life coaching gave me the jump-start I needed to discover more balance, gain hope, and be connected with what’s really important to me. Candice Peggs, Social Worker, http://hettyirmer.com/about-candice-peggs, Washington, D.C.
Your Coaching for Clarity Program is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who is ready to see her life in a new light! I gained so much from our meetings. Our coaching together was the beginning of a new chapter of deliberate self-care in my life. I was able to move beyond some painful ruminations and see some of the boldest moments of my life in a positive, truthful light. This truth felt like the gentle light before sunrise over the ocean; not the harsh light of an interrogation spotlight, but rather a light that allows you to focus, feel calm and experience self-acceptance on a deep and loving level. Thanks to our coaching, I experienced a huge shift in how I view my divorce andIMG-20140701-00654-2now feel freer from the time consuming, energy consuming negative feelings I was having. Overall, I’m putting less pressure on myself, and accepting what I can accomplish. I’m able to relax more too. The summaries you wrote up were very valuable as well. The meetings were a lot of emotional work and I did not always remember each important topic we covered. You did a great job summarizing and made observations that allowed for continued growth, so thank you! At first I hesitated about working over the phone but it turns out we got so much accomplished. And it made meeting so much easier. All I have to say to anyone considering working with you is: “Get ready for some feel-good truth about you!” Tamara Schmidt, Clinical Herbal Therapist and Health Coach, Montréal  fleurbainnaturals.com

  Marieke is an incredible listener. I found her at a time when I was at a cross roads in many aspects of my life. She is able to parse through all the stuff you are saying to find what the real obstacles are in your life. And then she gives you a set of tools that you can use to work through these obstacles to eventually break them down and live a more authentic life, but one that you were truly able to get to yourself, with her help. She has a warm, calm, gentle nature. After a session with her, you walk out feeling confident that everything will be alright. She is a fantastic coach and I cannot recommend her more. Vivian Doan, Photographer, Montréal, http://blog.viviandoan.com


 I am so glad that I have had you to talk to and run ideas past, Marieke. Above all you have been a great listener and encouraged me to be gentle with myself which I realise was my primary need … you hTamsin-1ave honed in on the crux of the matter and been consistent with your follow-ups as well as with your insights.You have the ability to guide and support without applying pressure and without judgment. Also I would say that you have a real propensity to talk on a level with someone that feels honest, genuine, open, and meaningful in a friendly way. I have always felt completely safe in my conversations with you. Your approach also is defined by an intuitive and skillful way in arriving at practical ways which to clarify and implement self-support, this in turn has guided me to prioritize with a clearer view. I would recommend you to anybody looking for an intuitive, compassionate and empathetic coach. Tamsin Hayes, Massage Therapist, Seattle, WA


 Working with Marieke has given me greater perspective. She has a way of getting me to slow down and take a more careful look at the challenges I am facing, helping me articulate them so they become less overwhelming. She makes practical suggestions for analyzing a situation or planning step-by-step, and proposes ways of shifting one’s attitude. Her approach is always positive, non-judgmental, and places emphasis on a bodily-felt awareness. I am so grateful to be working with such an empathetic, attuned person!  V.S., Artist, Montréal


 Six months ago I experienced a life-changing event affecting my relationship with my partner.  The worldMartineI knew was totally turned upside down and as a result my life was filled with sadness, anger and bitter disappointment. Marieke’s approach helped me tremendously to deal with the situation: Her ability to bring well-thought suggestions and useful tips to my often drastic decisions guided me to better approaches to the problem. She gave me “homework” to better reflect on the problem and my feelings towards it.  I felt that Marieke was genuinely concerned about my well-being and my being happy again.  She diligently worked with me to lead me to a brighter spot in my life. Thank you! Martine Dolmiere, Educational Services, Montréal


♥ I was not convinced of the need of a coach for personal reasons when I started with Marieke, however, I felt that it would be of use in my career development. As we began working together, I quickly realized the size and scope of how she could help and the ease in which the help could have an impact, even in myHeadshotpersonal life. After my very first phone session, I felt a weight had eased, and shifted and did not feel so pervasive in all my thoughts, work, family interactions and health/happiness. Marieke’s approach is primarily to listen and probe but also to provide actionable tasks that can break down the “pain points”. She is relaxed, so easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about her practices. I have already recommended her to a few close friends and will continue to do so. Michael Griffiths, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP., New York  https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-griffiths-79b7a5


♥ My personal and professional life were spiraling out of control and I was so unhappy and not the person I wanted to be. Marieke is not only a caring and compassionate person, but a great listener and I felt extremely comfortable talking with her about my feelings and emotions. With her training and experience, she asked the right questions to make me really think about what values are important to me.  She didn’t try to change me, but provided me with the tools so I was able to make the changes myself.  I recently experienced a conflict and was able to handle the confrontation immediately. In the past, I would have just ignored it and let it fester as I didn’t have the confidence to deal with this type of issue.  It was at this point that I truly realized and appreciated all the tools and support that Marieke has given me.  I feel confident that I will be successful if and when I have to deal with any future painful situations and conflicts.  I am indebted to Marieke for all of her support, compassion, and genuine caring.
M. G., Educational Services, Montréal
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