Take charge of yourself and the life you create!


You’re a busy, smart, creative and ambitious woman who has big dreams for her life. You fiercely love your children, but you know your purpose in life is bigger than “just being a mom”.

You want to be present, calm and happy, take care of your family and honor your own needs too (without the mommy guilt!)

You crave a life that feels free, confident, peaceful, passionate and filled with possibility.


I’m a passionate life coach who believes the purpose of our lives is to know who we really are, while also giving ourselves permission to continuously learn, grow and evolve!2015-05-27 19.25.10

And, like you, I am also wildly in love with my kids and feel beyond privileged to experience all that motherhood offers…yet I still need more. I need meaning in my life beyond motherhood. And I suspect you do too. And that’s why you’re here.

So what does this mean for you?

You + Me

I know how to help you create a life that is more purposeful and fulfilling.

Instead of feeling trapped in a life that is confusing, your life is a reflection of what is most important to you.

I invite you to let go of:

  • the confusion and sense of being “lost”
  • the dread when you wake up without a sense of purpose
  • putting everyone else’s needs before your own
  • not having time for yourself
  • feeling depleted, overwhelmed and unappreciated
  • feeling like there is more to life than this but not knowing where to start to find the meaning of it all, and then…
  • the guilt for even feeling these things in the first place! Argh, that damn guilt, right?

To make room for this: yoga

  • more time alone
  • more time together
  • a fulfilling career
  • a happier and sexier marriage
  • just some time in general, PLEASE!
  • a sense of purpose and meaning
  • self-care
  • deep friendship
  • laughter
  • feeling good in your own skin
  • waking up energized
  • feeling spiritually alive…

I show up and listen more deeply than most people you have ever met. This is my truth. 

I make meaning, bring insight and ask you the questions you need to help you move one step closer towards your true, authentic self.

Give me your struggles, your worries, your pain and let me help you ease into feeling relief, feeling supported, feeling loved and feeling heard.

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I will help you:

  • discover why you’re stuck
  • feel worthy
  • dig deep
  • feel heard
  • shed light on what’s not working
  • trust your own wisdom
  • find your fun, freedom and simple pleasures
  • let go
  • feel gratitude
  • uncover your joy
  • see your truth

Transformation. Is. Inevitable. 

Take my hand and walk with me. I am here. I’ve got your back. You can already start to let go.

I will not let you fall.

I listen and guide so you can find your way. I take your pain and confusion and turn it into questions that lead you to the answers you seek, the joy you crave and the peace you desperately want to feel.

Life is now. Live it like you mean it.

For you. For your kids. For all your loved ones. And, I would argue, for the world! 

The world needs your beautiful self, lit up from within. Happy, peaceful, and alive with joy. Ready to give all you want to give, while feeling deeply fulfilled.

I cannot believe how much my life has changed since our Clarity Session. I am so grateful to you; you are truly a magical woman who naturally empowers other women. Thank you so much. Anastasia Pomares, Educator and Healer, Montréal

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