Coaching for Clarity: 3 month program

You & Me.  
Clarity. Growth. Peace.
Addressing what you most want help with, even if you don’t know where to start.
A safe space to be heard. To share. To grow into who you want to be.

My coaching is for you if you want to:
  • dig into what is keeping you stuck
  • develop more self-awareness
  • discover and bring in more joy in your life
  • let go of your worries
  • learn how to be kinder to yourself
  • release the guilty, icky, yucky feelings
  • have someone to help you be accountable
  • learn easy and sustainable coaching tools to help you help yourself
  • feel supported
  • be heard
  • find a sense of clarity about what you want and how you can get it.

I know investing in your own well-being is uncomfortable. It’s easy to spend the money on others but when it comes to you, well, you hesitate. I get it. Trust me, I get it! I used to hesitate too.

But I also know you are here because something in you is hungry for help, direction, and clarity. You’ve exhausted your partner, friends, family and probably even a therapist or two and you really need to sort your shit out before you drive yourself and everyone around you crazy!

And when you honor that whisper that says, “This sounds good. I want this!” and you step up and invest in finding the peace and happiness and joy you crave…well, guess what? Magic happens. Your life actually does start to look and feel a little different, a little better, a little more empowered because YOU are choosing to take care of YOU.

And when you invest in our own well-being, you actually invest in the well-being of your loved ones too. When you are lit up, you light others up and, that, my friends, is magical!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Six coaching sessions (1x 90 min + 5x 60 min)
  • Follow-up notes: highlights from our session, coaching tools/worksheets, and a plan for next steps/homework
  • Customized email and text support
  • Personalized accountability support, as needed
  • A recording of our call, if desired
  • A copy of my 60 page coaching handbook, My Field Guide (PDF and hard copy)
  • A 20% discount on future coaching packages

Your investment: $1200*

*payment plans available

“Our coaching together was the beginning of a new chapter of deliberate self-care in my life. I was able to move beyond some painful ruminations and see some of the boldest moments of my life in a positive, truthful light.

Thanks to our coaching, I experienced a huge shift in how I view my divorce and now feel freer from the time consuming, energy consuming negative feelings I was having. Overall, I’m putting less pressure on myself, and accepting what I can accomplish. I’m able to relax more too.

The summaries you wrote up were very valuable as well. The meetings were a lot of emotional work and I did not always remember each important topic we covered. You did a great job summarizing and made observations that allowed for continued growth, so thank you! At first I hesitated about working over the phone but it turns out we got so much accomplished. And it made meeting so much easier. All I have to say to anyone considering working with you is: “Get ready for some feel-good truth about you!”

Tamara Schmidt, Montréal (Coaching for Clarity)
Clinical Herbal Therapist and Health Coach

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