Do you get in your own way of connecting with others?

Have you ever been so tired you felt like you couldn’t function? I’m feeling a little bit like that today, and yet here I am, working on this blog. Hmmm, right?

You may be wondering if I practice the self-care that I preach! You’re right to wonder. But you see, as much as I want to go lay down for a nap right now, my desire for something else is stronger.

I want connection.

Deep, fun, loving connection. I want to be in a room with all of you, sitting around with a cup of tea and some candles and just chatting. About life, love, kids, teens and their refusal to wear boots when it snows(!), favorite recipes, places to travel, and how we can make a real difference in the world. About favorite lessons learned and who’s watching what on Netflix. About our fears, hopes and what’s working (and not) in our lives. P I N this to pinterest

You know, the kind of soul-full sharing that refuels us, replenishes us, connects us. 

Anyone care to join me? 😉

It’s really no surprise that I’m willing to postpone my nap in lieu of writing to you because we are hard-wired to seek out connection.

Feeling connected helps increase our immune systems, lower stress and anxiety levels, and even helps us feel more confident! And writing to you is the next best thing to being in your company right now!

This article goes into more detail about why connection is so important to our well-being. It’s worth a read when you have a chance.

So? Why the emphasis on connection today? 

Because it’s the word and feeling that I’ve been experiencing the most these last few weeks.

My workshop on Nov 3rd….connection. It’s the word most of the women who came used to describe our afternoon together. We created an environment for connection to take place; a connection to ourselves, a connection to each other.

My birthday party….again, connection. I invited my two main friend groups (who didn’t know each other) and they connected beautifully. In fact, multiple people told me how many lovely conversations they had with new people.

I want to explore this feeling and concept with you further! How do you like to stay connected to others? 

It’s so easy for us to get swept up into our busy lives and lose those connections.

Who else is thrilled to stay home in their pjs on a Saturday night instead of heading out because it often feels too much?

As people with full and jam-packed lives (and for us introverts especially), we need time alone, in quiet spaces, to recoup from the busyness and noisiness of life. Right?

Sometimes this is legitimate self-care and boundary setting. Sometimes this time alone and being away from others is about reconnecting to ourselves or being with our families.

But what do we lose out on when we say No, one too many times? (read that twice!)

As you know, if you’ve been keeping up with these newsletters, I’ve been emotionally a bit up and down this year.

At my party on Saturday, a friend asked me, “How are you? You seem so happy!” And for the first time in a long time, I genuinely said, “You know what, I am happy!”. 

Yeah, so this whole connection thing is real people. LOL!

Less hiding and introverting and more connecting. That’s my motto for this new year in my life.

Do you need a new motto about connecting? Or are you happy and satisfied with the amount of social connection in your life?

What are your tips for staying connected? Let us know!

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