The truth about what I do

I was out walking this morning in one of our beautiful parks here in Montréal and thinking more deeply about my WHY. Listening to a Tony Robbins podcast will do that to you. 
WHY do I do what I do (life coaching)? In case you don’t know, I figured I would explain it. And to be honest, the truth of why I do what I do hit me hard this morning. In fact, I’ve never quite articulated it this way before, at least not out loud.
So here goes: 
I believe that we all need help now and then…to work through confusion, strong emotions, when we’re feeling stuck or unhappy or wanting something in life to change but not knowing how to make it happen. 
When I was 15, my grandfather died very suddenly and I was DEVASTATED. I asked my mom if I could see a psychologist to work through my emotions and the many existential questions I had about GOD, death and the meaning of life. 
When I was 17 and in my senior year, I got kicked out of boarding school (!) and felt like the biggest loser of all time (but I also felt super free and excited in a way which left me riddled with guilt) and again asked to see a therapist to help me make sense of my “life” and my “angst” and my strained relationship with my parents.
When I was in university and had relationship issues, I again sought out help. And again and again over the years, I have looked for support in different ways. Therapists, coaches, spiritual healers, astrologers, friends, journals, and even my dog.

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It’s normal. It’s healthy. And, I would argue, it’s actually necessary!
We don’t live in a vacuum of existence, alone. We live in community. In dialogue with our families, our friends, our lovers, our kids, our work, emotions, and expectations. Life is complex and we are asked everyday to navigate it in relation to others. 
Why would we ever believe we should be able to do this thing called LIFE on our own
Life is so fucking wonderful a lot of the time and also so fucking hard some of the time. And we all need a safe space to land when life feels hard or when we feel lost or scared or have no idea what we want!
Sometimes we have friends and family we can talk to. Sometimes we’re able to work through things on our own. But sometimes…we just know that we need something else.
Someone else to help us reconnect to ourselves. To achieve what we want. To make sense of what we feel.
A non-judgmental, compassionate person to help us help ourselves out of the dark hole we find ourselves in. A person that will hold our hand (metaphorically), hold our heart, hold the most tender parts of us without any attachment to what we do or don’t do.
Sometimes, we just want to be heard. Really and truly heard. Because when we are heard, when we can speak our truth aloud and know that we are safe in it’s presence, we can let go. We can breathe. We can accept what is. And we can move forward. One step in front of the other, one day at a time.
The power that arises in us when we speak our truth aloud is transformative and life changing. Even when it feels scary to do it, which is all the more reason to do it in a safe space with a trusted guide.
As someone who needs this safe space myself, craves this safe space, and values this safe space to open up myself to the Truth within me, I want to offer this safe space to others. It’s my WHY and why I do what I do. 
P I N this to pinterestBecause we all deserve a safe space to be heard. Because we all know how epically shitty it feels to not trust anyone to “handle” the tender bits of our most authentic souls with the care we deserve. 
We deserve a compassionate witness to help us make sense of our own hearts and confusion. We deserve a place to speak our truth, where we know we won’t be ridiculed, mocked or made to feel ashamed. It’s scary to say aloud what’s deep in our hearts. I know!
I know.
I know. 
We need support to seek out our truth, to find it, and then to speak it aloud!
This is not for the faint of heart….all this truth-seeking. But when you know you need help, you know. And you seek.
So let me hold you tenderly as we explore together who you are, what you want and why you want it.
Maybe you want a new career? Or you’ve got general life dissatisfaction, for “no reason” and you feel guilty about that? Or maybe you want to create healthier habits? Or improve your relationships? Or feel less overwhelmed?
Maybe you have BIG goals or maybe you just know you need some accountability to make some small but powerful changes in your life?
Whatever “it” is, I am here to provide the safe environment you crave so you can finally let it all out and explore what you truly want…with a gentle guide by your side. You’re not alone.
And if you’re wondering what the difference is between therapy and coaching, you are right to be curious, especially because there is some overlap and since coaching is still a relatively “new” option for support compared to traditional therapy.
I have experience with both therapy and coaching. I have clients that have done both too. One is not exclusive of the other. However, according to the American Psychological Association, “therapy encourages awareness of past injuries in order to promote insight and healing, whereas coaching focuses on untapped present possibilities in order to link awareness to action”.
Basically, coaching is action-oriented and forward thinking, whereas therapy is more talking about the past to inform your present. Either way, you’ll probably get the help you deserve.
So if you’re feeling called to get some support with wherever you are in life right now, know that I am one option, among many.
But my genius, if you will, is offering a safe (non-judgmental), beautiful, compassionate, and sometimes even FUN space for you to land to explore whatever’s tugging at your heart and in your soul.
Your Truth deserves your attention. I invite you to honor that.
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